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Thread: XCM Multi-Charger and Cross Battle Adapter 2.0

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    ps3 XCM Multi-Charger and Cross Battle Adapter 2.0

    Team XCM is gearing up to release two new products. The first product is the XCM Multi-Charger that allows you to charge multiple USB devices at the same time.

    XCM Multi-Charger for cool consoles, unlike another brand of multi-charger, XCM Multi-Charger not only can be used on iPhone™, PSP™ series (from 1000-3000 series), NDS™ series (NDS, NDSL, NDSi) but also the Xbox 360™ controller, PS3™ controller and more...(all device which uses USB 5v input will be supported, such as the Nokia™ mobile phone series etc).

    The second product is an updated version of the Cross Battle Adapter. (no picture of product available yet)

    The Cross Battle Adapter 2.0 is an adapter to allow you to connect your Xbox 360 wired controller to your PS3 console for use with PS3 games.

    The XCM Cross Battle Adapter 2.0 is built with a new function for swapping the controller’s triggers and bumpers. You can also swap the functions of A, B, X, Y buttons (Example: Set the function of A button to the X button or set the function of B button to the Y button, etc) and swap the functions of 2 analog sticks as well! The PS3 Six Axis mode is also supported.

    Both will be available shortly from Play-Asia, Console Source, Extreme-Mods

    For more pictures of the XCM Multi-Charger, see comments.
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