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Thread: Blockmans Gets

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    NDS Blockmans Gets

    News via Nintendomax

    Jayenkai proposes an adaptation for the DS "Gets blockman"He recently encoded on PC. It is like a pacman but with a very attractive option because if you lose go back to a square already passed.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    PALib, GBATemp and GBADev

    Three places where I posted this originally, with proper english that wasn't rubbishly google translated then lazily copy+pasted.

    You used to copy+paste stuff directly from me, but now apparently it's better to copy and paste things that don't make any sense at all!

    What happened, Wraggster!!

    And don't get me started on how bad the other one looks.

    And it's Blockman, not Blockmans.


    Pick up the pellets in the Pacman like maze.
    Eat a constant stream of pellets. If you miss a single one, your level is over.
    To beat each level, you must have eaten the target number of pellets.
    If you haven't, you lose a life.

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