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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII images and info

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    ps3 Final Fantasy XIII images and info

    Some more details from Square Enix on the game via The Magic Box:

    Final Fantasy XIII will not have online functions
    Each episode will have different and independent characters, the stories also takes place in different times in history
    The only things in common for the 3 titles are Chocobos, Moggles, magic and myths around the Crystals
    The Legend of the Crystals is the central theme of the 3 games
    The latin word "Versus" in Final Fantasy Versus XIII means the change of a direction
    The latin word "Agito" in Final Fantasy XIII Agito means stimulus or moving violently, this game will have action elements implemented in the system

    Check out the great screenshots here

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    Unhappy and the latin word gimmic meaning suckers.

    ((*note about this post. Before anyone gets there nikkers in a knot, Realise im being sarcastic, And in no way intend to pirate this game, ahh how I long for the days when people had enough common sence to realise sarcasem when they saw it)) Anyway on to my post.

    Gimmic latin for sucker, meaning square is gonna make us final fantasy fans pay out the ass for basicly one game, three times.
    oh joy,
    let me get this stright.
    To have all of ff 13 which should really just be one game. im now gonna have to buy three?
    I hope nobody takes it personaly, when I warez the hell out of this game.
    Cause that seems just insultingly unreasonible enough to deserve to be pirated
    And I dont even like or stand for piracy,

    Ah screw it, final fantasy isnt what it used to be anyway.
    excapt for the ff 7 games that are yet to come.
    Final fantasy is dead to me.
    Do you hear that square!!

    I mean first of all. This is gonna be a ps3 game,
    Whats happened to that awesome blue ray tech with 50+ gigs on each disc?
    Not to mention each installment will be at least 70 dollars.
    There no exsue for this move on squares part concidering the price that games are gonna be on the ps3 coupled with the fact that I MEAN COME THE HELL ON!! there is gonna be 50+ gigs on one single disc!!
    No no excuse what so ever.
    Just another reason for me to go with nintendo next generation. In sick of these bleed the consumer dry money games these major companys are playing,
    I mean its not just unreasonible at this point, ITs crazy!!!!

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    Go to Nintendo, if you don't want to pay for all 3 versions of FFXIII, then go pay for something else you'd actually want to.

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