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DekraN releases a new update for his homebrew LUA developed AlphaBase, excellent bash Debugging for our PSP. Among the new features in this release, v3.6, adding the command 'Envelope', 'cenv', 'menv', 'cpu2' and 'tree'. Were optimized all the many commands and has already introduced the ability to create multiple environments simultaneously AlphaBase to manage multiple user executions (draw a line, rectangle, print image, and more).
Following the full changelog and the link to download.

Changelog v3.6:


- Added the commands 'Envelope', 'cenv', 'menv', 'cpu2' and 'tree';
- Removed the commands 'ffind' and 'mfind' since merged with 'find'. Same thing goes for the command 'sys', deleted nle and unified command 'with';
- Removed all controls on the system for handling temporary file: 'ffind', 'fman', 'twrite', 'tread', 'seek' because they were impractical, show some annoying bugs and the system of recognition of the path LUAPlayer HM7 is also not without problems;
- Renamed the commands:; 'help' in 'hlp', 'make' in 'dirs', 'update' in 'upd', 'dofile' in 'DFILE', 'extract' in 'ext';
- Optimization and fixati All controls;
- Optimized all the commands concerning the type of DTE (Directly Executing Template, Direct execution and temporary storage of native functions), implementing the native functions instead LUA LoadString dell'alquanto expensive method temp.lua old versions of AlphaBase. Now, for example, the calculator is 200 times faster than the previous year. Same thing goes for Helper functions (and in general all comansdi DTE);
- L'E. M.T. (Main shaft of the Environment), has been highly renovated, combining all the files in the folder AUF AlphaBase HM7/aufs, and all the commands in AlhaBase HM7/cmds /;
- The script has been divided into: SCRIPT.LUA and a-utils.lua, which contains all the functions LUA AlphaBase. This contributes to a significant increase in speed;
- The command 'info' gives security information, such as for example the system password, the account PSN, the PSN account password, the access point (SSID) and password 1 and the point d ' Access 2 and the password;
- Now if a file or a folder is not in the root folder (AlphaBase HM7 /), the script will give you the name of this startup file and the error code AB, given by 100 plus the ID of the file (More will be implemented ahead even those for run-time with the systematic management of exceptions);
- Now you can assign a command IPR (which requires the input parameter, which will then subsequently taken into account by the CEU (Control Processing Unit), an input that contains the CPS (the separation of complex parameters). For that, it was necessary to move the last parameter position in all the commands that require it.
- Added a fairly intuitive Handler Commands LUA, which allows you to create new commands after having declared their course on the function (ab_nomecomando ()). With this system, you avoid the annoying and sometimes dangerous manipulation of the array itself containing all the commands;
- Added Multi-System Environment. You can now do more executions User (draw a line, rectangle, print an image, set a timer, write with sources) AlphaBase in multiple environments simultaneously. To create a new environment, type "Envelope (ENV)", where ENV, optional parameter is the name assigned to it, and you can switch to the left or right the current environment simply by pressing L or R buttons, respectively;
- Added new checks at the beginning of the program and optimize existing
- Speed of the script increased approximately 20%;
- Syntax of the Environment is highly optimized;
- Syntax of Language is highly optimized;
- Code clean and highly optimized;
- Eboot renewed;

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