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New and latest updates from DekraN for his homebrew LUA developed AlphaBase, excellent bash debug for your PSP. This final release, the v3.6.2, fixes some bugs in the program and further streamlines ii commands implemented in several versions. I remember AlphaBase is completely open-source.
More to follow.

Changelog v3.6.2:


- Bug fixato nell'AUFS I.G.C. (Items Garbage Collector). Now you can re-store the data on tracer input, the macro commands and controls the INPUT screen coordinates AUF in their files at the end of the program (obviously to make sure that we exit the using the command '(q ) uit ');
- Fixato a bug in the command 'share', which did not work because of an incorrect call to the function AlphaBase fixString;
- Fixato a bug in the command 'set', which did not work due to ill-structured enumeration of the variable that contains the parameters of the command;
- Fixato a bug in the command 'list', which did not work if you wanted to list an archive;
- Fixato a bug in the command 'play2', who did play the song immediately after it loaded;
- Removed the safety information in the command 'info';
- Optimize the commands 'ext', 'play', 'play2';
- Renew the E. M.T. (Main shaft of the Environment), removing the folder aufs / from the root "AlphaBase HM7 /". Now all files are completely optional to configure AUF;
- Syntax is highly optimized for the Environment (also renamed the command 'loadex' in 'load2');
- Syntax of Language is highly optimized;
- Code optimized;
- Eboot renewed;

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