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Thread: Google To Send Detailed Info About Hacked Web Sites

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    Forum Google To Send Detailed Info About Hacked Web Sites

    In an effort to promote the 'general health of the Web,' Google will send Webmasters snippets of malicious code in the hopes of getting infected Web sites cleaned up faster. The new information will appear as part of Google's Webmaster Tools, a suite of tools that provide data about a Web site, such as site visits. 'We understand the frustration of Webmasters whose sites have been compromised without their knowledge and who discover that their site has been flagged,' wrote Lucas Ballard on Google's online security blog. To Webmasters who are registered with Google, the company will send them an email notifying them of suspicious content along with a list of the affected pages. They'll also be able to see part of the malicious code."
    Another of the new Webmaster Tools is Fetch as Googlebot, which shows you a page as Google's crawler sees it. This should allow Webmasters to see malicious code that bad guys have hidden on their sites via "cloaking," among other benefits.

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    Many websites get affected, by the amount of infected sites on the internet, it seems like it's easy to do so.

    Viewing a website as a Googlebot is easy, there are many sites that allow you to do so. Although it's just the site, with a page source at the bottom of each page.

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