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Thread: VMU TOOL PC v1.0 released.

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    Dreamcast VMU TOOL PC v1.0 released.

    VMU TOOL PC, a cool Windows-Like explorer which allows you to manage Dreamcast's saves on your PC has been released. I (SiZiOUS) made with Speud.

    It's a cool add-on for VMU TOOL avialable on Dreamcast (by Speud, v0.8.5 soon). You can get all information you want, such VMU icons, copyright, size, etc, modify these information, and much more. Currently, this program supports VMS+VMI files and DCI (Nexus) files.

    Two versions has been released, a ZIP (no install) and an Setup. Choose your favorite package

    Enjoy !

    Download it here

    Source : DC-France

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