SuperMD Tool for MD Myth Cart

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[Current version]
Tool :
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SuperMD Tool coded by conleon1988
OpenGenie(temp name) SMS/MD Rom digging opensource framework coded by conleon1988

-Chilly Willy for providing the the linux x86 arch binaries and for reporting
some critical bugs. Thanks!

Special thanks to all emu authors , to all people who worked hard on the hardware documents,
and a special thanks to NEOFLASH team for providing me with their great MD MYTH 3in1 512M Flashcart
and i was able to test all patched roms on real hardware.

[Basic features overview]
SMDTool is able to perform the following actions:

->Is able to dump all rom info in one HTML file
->Is able to convert any rom(SMD/BIN/GEN) to clean BIN dump
->Is able to patch the region codes
->Is able to apply IPS patches
->Is able to apply COPYRIGHT HACK to roms that have invalid copyright data
->Is able to fix the chesum of roms
->Is able to to patch custom address with custom data!
->Is optimized in order to handle thousands of ROMS in no time.
->Supports multiple action modes
->Supports custom directory redirection of patched files
->Supports massive patching in directories
->Supports single file actions