Well with the release of the Pokemon Mini Emu for the Dreamcast by JustBurn (who was the author of PocketGB a GB emu for the GBA) i thought that many of you would like to know what a Pokemon Mini Console is, heres the info i found over at Play Asia [br][br] This is the latest palm-sized game from Pokémon with a great new price!. In addition to the familiar sounds and navigation systems, this game also features vibrations, new sounds, and shaking commands required to garner points. The games are quick, and, like a race, you can "run" them as often as you want. Play against time, play against competitors, or play against yourself! [br][br]Theres a great homebrew/dev site for the Pokemon Mini Here [br][br]Hopefully we can sort out a CD image with the best of the Homebrew games for this system