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M! K offers version 2.0 of its excellent utility "TheSmsCenter", Which allows to send free SMS from your Nintendo DS.
A free subscription to the service in question is required in advance to benefit only in France and Italy.

Changelog v2.0:
• Fixed some bugs (sending message should be smoother now)
• Fixed Up / Down bug in THEWALL on DS (1.0 in the previous release the two keys were reversed)
• Recoding of ConnectWifi which is now more stable than before: even if you lost the wireless connection, the DS automatically reconnects when you turn under the cover of your network
• Adding Phonebook1.0 to store up to 10 contact (or more). For each contact, you can specify the name, number.
• new keyboard
• New menu organization (tap the gray navigation bar on the right of the touch screen to make it visible)
• Now your number is defined as the sender of the SMS (the one you provided during registration) (currently it only works for the SMPP server only)
• Adding smileys on THEWALL (see the table on the left side of page THEWALL to know the channel correlation-> smile)
• Terms & Conditions Updated: item 3 was added: "All the messages sent by the features users will be stored in log files to ensure the security of the entire community. Once again, these files will not released for any reason, but they are available by the competent authority "- [ / terms.php].
Remember that if you do not want to accept the new item added in this update, you can request removal of the account, send me an e-mail via the form available on the official site.

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