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Thread: libPBP ver. 0.01

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    psp libPBP ver. 0.01

    Devs Only Release

    Hexstr posted this news/release:

    Alright I've been working on and off for about a year on this and I think it's finally time to let the people have it. It's not quite up to par with the quality I usually like to put out but it'll have to do.

    This is a library for dealing with PBP files or as I call them archives (since they do contain other files). When I started this about a year ago there I don't believe there were any libraries to working with PBP files and I still haven't seen any to this day.

    But this is not just a library that can create and modify PBP archives. I have created a format that I call Extended PBP because it extends the original PBP format without affecting it. As most of you know in the PBP header it lists the offsets of the files that it contains. If you increase each offset by say 100 you can use 100 bytes of space after the PBP header and before the first file. So the file becomes [PBP header][your added data][first file][second file...etc. Because programs are made to read the first file at the offset specified in the PBP header you can add any and as much data as you want into the file and the program will still recognise it as if there was no extra data.

    I think that this could bring about some cool changes because you can store any data such as files, directories, images in the PBP file without hurting it. Self extracting executables can be created and programs that use bootstrapping to load themselves into memory could include the user-mode prx into the EBOOT.PBP file. Anyway I'm sure you get the picture and I bet your already comming up with ingenius things.

    I have included this in the PSP Tools Package that I am working on and have uploaded it to the CVS. I haven't had time to make use of autocont yet so there is no build yet and you will have to download it from the anonymous CVS. Sorry .

    Now the BIG problem is that since I'm currently in Afghanistan I have to go back out to the field really soon and I won't be able to start on any updates for about 2 months or so. So I'm counting on you guys to fix bugs and what not until I get back.

    the code can be found in the CVS on at

    Anyway have fun and make some cool stuff.

    Later biz.

    More info at link above.

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    well, sounds cool.. pbp unpacker will only let you do so much

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    So what exactly can this let you do?
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