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    My pal Keith webmaster of Emufanatics posted this news:[br][br] Our great buddy and fellow site admin Dark Watcher has updated his wonderful console history site with some new additions. Here is the current rundown of the latest changes.[br][br]A site update! We were going do the update after the "2004 Classic Gaming Expo", but that would probably have pushed it out to September. So what the hell! This gives us a chance to make a decent feature for our first classic gaming convention. Just a few adds, fixes, and changes this update. However, check out our new console crossword puzzles. We are also quite pleased with the new "Game Media" section (*Psst* 56kers..We tried to keep the pages under a 60 second load. Darn pics heheh). Enjoy![br][br]-DW[br][br][br]Added Dreamcast, View-Master Interactive Vision, and 1292 FAQ[br][br]Added Samsung Saturn, Master System Girl & Vistar to Clone Wars [br][br]Added small change to NUON[br][br]Nintendo 64 Disk Drive page completely reworked[br][br]Changed "Fact" on Atari 7800 & Jaguar (The others was boring)[br][br]Changed Phantom page to reflect the changes in the console design[br][br]Added information and image on Nintendo's NES Model 2 (Top-Loader)[br][br]Corrections to Intellivision and Jaguar pages. Thanks painter_fox & mf00![br][br]New Game Media feature & finally an "About" page![br][br]Added information on the prototype Jaguar II[br][br]Added crossword puzzles to "Articles & Features" section[br] [br][br]If you haven't already checked this site out then I highly recommond you do .. I swear if you are into gaming and console history then you will be there for hours reading all the great content![br][br]Keep up the great work DW [br][br]Its a damn great site so check it out here -->

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    On a related now, and keeping the fact this does cover stuff in uk and europe :P

    Did anyone go to the cge in the uk? (not affililated with the US one btw)
    Sadly i didn't go (wouldn't of been able to if i could of), but had the creator of Manic Miner was there (matthew smith) and Archer Maclean.
    Do me a favor plug me into a sega.

    To be this good takes ages, to be this good takes sega.

    It's thinking.

    Ok I said it, now pay me!
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