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Thread: "2012" a Miscalculation; Actual Calendar Ends 2220

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    Default "2012" a Miscalculation; Actual Calendar Ends 2220

    News is spreading quickly here that scientists writing in a popular science periodical (Dutch) have debunked the 2012 date (google translation linked) featuring so prominently in doomsday predictions/speculation across the web. On 2012-12-21, the sun will appear where you would normally be able to see the 'galactic equator' of the Milky Way; an occurrence deemed special because it happens 'only' once every 25.800 years, on the winter solstice. However, even if you ignore the fact that there is no actual galactic equator, just an observed one, and that the visual effect is pretty much the same for an entire decade surrounding that date, there are major problems with the way the Maya Calendar is being read by doomsday prophets."
    I wonder what Amazon's return policy on a box full of 3 doomsday wolves shirts is?

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    If I was in a ancient tribe with no technology, devices, decent books or tasks. Consuming peyote and or psilocybin I would try to predict a distant end of humanity too. Would my judgment be skewed at that point? YES. Y2k, 2003, 1999 now 2012 One's more reliable then the other? Not really.

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    Awesome 2+2+2=6 6=2x3 >>> 23.

    No... I'm not going down that path again, that movie induced a wrath of insanity over my overactive imagination finding everything to that one number... 2012 equals 23 also 20+1+2=23, though somehow I don't think this is a number issue?

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