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One of the coolest jobs in the world is the DJ! Feel the rhythm in your blood and the sway to your music as you swipe at the discs in DJ Hero. You have another mission, you have to save your best friend in the family action game Ratchet & Clank Future.

From the publisher: Expanding upon the revolutionary easy to pick up/challenging to master gameplay mechanics developed and refined in Guitar Hero®, DJ Hero™ delivers an all-new interactive music experience that allows players to rule the party and not only experience, but to hear music in an all-new way.

With over 100 individual songs, including hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock and electronica, DJ Hero delivers the most diverse and international collection of music ever assembled in a music game.

Created exclusively for DJ Hero, the turntable controller immerses fans into the authenticity of DJ culture and a sea of music as they utilise and master various DJ techniques including scratching, blending, cross fading and sampling.

It leaves room for creative expression with a variety of effects and player chosen samples and scratches, transforming a face in the crowd into the life of the party.

The realistic DJ game is available for your home consoles today:

DJ Hero (w/ Turn Table Bundle) ASIA US$ 139.90
DJ Hero (w/ Turn Table Bundle) US N/A

DJ Hero (w/ Turn Table Bundle) US N/A
DJ Hero (w/ Turn Table Bundle) ASIA US$ 139.90

Nintendo™ Wii
DJ Hero (w/ Turn Table Bundle) US US$ 129.90

DJ Hero (w/ Turn Table Bundle) US N/A