Sgstair posted this news:

There have been some pretty significant updates to the dswifi lib in CVS - TCP is now a lot more stable, and some other things have been addressed (As always, see the Checklist [])
Of course please let me know if you do manage to find any bugs or it doesnt work how you think it should.

Im also still debating whether to spend some time converting the junky videos I took of the Wii action and post them to give you an idea of what were talking about, the footage is 640480, 15fps without sound - the footage is a bit shaky but some is better than others, Ill clean it up to the best of my ability if I convert it.
More importantly Id like to know if you people (whoever reads this blog, if anyone :P) would like to see this footage, given that there are of course lots of nicer sources out there - there is at least one video Id like to show everyone though, so I will at least convert and post the one.

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