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Thread: R4i SDHC Red Box, Problems

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    Exclamation R4i SDHC Red Box, Problems

    I have a R4i SDHC red box, i dl'd the lates v1.12b firmware and transfered to card. When i boot the ds, i get a message:

    "please upgrade the hardware for support latest firmware"

    I have searched about for answers, but really dont want to mess things up, i am totally new to this. Any help appreciated, then i can give the ds back to my partner, then she will stop hassling me.

    Thanks in advance

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    where do i get 1.18?

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    I just received my R4 SDHC with 8 gig kingston memory a few days back. I really knew nothing about how to set it up. So without doing anything I popped the card in the Original DS and I got a white screen on bottom and on top a white screen with the red letter that said Menu? I then read there FAQ and d/l the firmware unzipped and copied to Root of the Memory Card. It loaded fine then but I found that I was stuck on saving game message, so I formatted the memory card Fat32 and then copied all back over and everything has been perfect since. Not sure if this applies to your issue but that is what helped me out.

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