Apologies if this isn't the right place to post about this, and/or isn't an acceptable thing to be discussed on this forum. ;<

Anyhoo, I'm contemplating getting an NDS Lite, due to the size of my current DS...and me having nothing better to spend my money on/being a perfectionist. >>

First question: I'm really unsure if this is worth spending money on...is it? All the reviews I've come across seem to be biased towards the PSP. :/

Second (main) question: How easy is it to flash the DS Lite?
I have a Passkey 2, and an M3 MiniSD, will it be as straightforward as flashing my old NDS?

You know, program the passkey to boot off the cart, plug in the passkey, write flashme to the SD card, run flashme, take off battery cover, peel off SL1 sticker, hit the button combo, then short the SL1 until it reaches 100%?

Or is there something I should be aware of?

Is it not possible with the Lite?


I've nosed around this site a few times before and it's always been helpful, so I'll trust your opinion. >>