The contest has been extended to June 10, 2006. I have already recieved 3 entries from project-firestorm and qatmix, patbier and poche, and Imerion.

There are 2 entries in the works (I'm not sure if they want to be revealed or not).

The three submitted parties are free to continue their games until the 10th. I'm not home right now, so the FTP is down, but once I get back on the 5th, you're free to upload any changes to the FTP at any time.

Anyone else who would like to enter the contest, but didn't make themselves known due to lack of progress on their projects, or anyone who would like to challenge themselves and start now -*or anyone who has a project that is near completion and didn't intend to submit it to the contest, but would like to do so now, you've got plenty of time left. Just PM me after the 5th, and I'll get you guys set up with an FTP account.