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Thread: Sony's Japan Studio urged to create more PS3games

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    ps3 Sony's Japan Studio urged to create more PS3games

    Japan Studios has had little impact on the PlayStation software library this generation. The platform's greatest hits so far have, instead, come from America and Europe. Titles like Uncharted, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, God of War, and WipEout all come from various studios at SCEA and SCEE. But what has Japan Studio created thus far? Siren, Trash Panic, and The Eye of Judgment -- noteworthy games perhaps, but hardly a collection of system-selling blockbusters.

    Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida explained to Gamasutra that "their focus was shifted onto the PSP, which reflects the success of the PSP as a platform in Japan ... It's completely opposite of the way how US and European teams moved onto working on the PS3 and we see the fruits of those efforts, while Japan studios shifted their focus onto the PSP." Of course, handheld owners have much to be thankful for: system-defining hits like Patapon and LocoRoco were created out of Japan Studio's dedication to the platform.

    However, the next year (and beyond) should be very different for Sony's Japanese developers. With The Last Guardian and Gran Turismo 5 coming from Sony's other Japanese studios, the pressure is on for other developers to follow suit. "We are now re-energizing teams and coming up with new ideas for PS3 development," Yoshida said. "We'll be able to show fruits of this work sometime next year."

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    "Siren" is the most unfairly underrated game on the PS3. It had RE4, Silent Hill and Clock tower all in one, yet people barely know about it. The reason is probably because the Americans didn't get a BD release...

    "Trash Panic" is a game I've never heard off.

    "The eye of Judgment" was an interesting idea, but... it was a card game, of the many you can find in video games. In their shoes, I would have shipped it at a laughable (if not for free) price with a starters deck, expecting to make money from people buying boosters, and then advertise the hell out of it!

    End result!
    Sonys are total idiots!
    They know nothing about marketing.
    They release one of the best horror games of it's time as an episodic PSN exclusive.
    They are trying to support a handheld that has more holes for piracy than a sponge.
    They release a version of the handheld that does not support games!
    Lets not talk about the Infamous European Xenosaga release...

    I used to think high of this motion controller they are making, but then I realized that these guys ARE idiots, so now all I can think is in how many ways they can **** it up.

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    Siren was gimped in the US release with content removed and I got tired of fighting the controls.

    Trash Panic is a gimmick game, that won't hold peoples attention for long.

    The eye of Judgment yep another gimmick game that caters to a small niche of people.

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