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Thread: Cxbx WIP: Panzer Dragoon ORTA in-game

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    Xbox Cxbx WIP: Panzer Dragoon ORTA in-game

    It's time to turn the non-believers into believers, lol.

    Assuming most people don't pay much attention to the Cxbx homepage as much as they used to, here's what sir Caustik had to say recently:

    "shogun made more progress on his Cxbx branch. The game "Panzer Dragoon ORTA" noew goes in-game, albiet without 3D. Check out shogun's new blog (here) to read more details and to keep up to date with his future progress!"

    Since then, a few more updates have been added allowing further in-game progress, not playable because the frame rates are low and a handful of other bugs (sound buffer cache overflows, 2D geometry overlapping the 3D scene, garbage polygons and a missing DirectSound function call to name a few). The gfx bugs are rather heavy in-game, but the audio playback is rock solid and 90% stutter free!

    There's also a Youtube video showing a greater visual of such progress.

    Isn't it great to finally see a SEGA title running on Cxbx? IMO, every Xbox game with the SEGA logo was an instant classic Btw, check the blog every so often. You might be surprised by what you'll see!

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    here is other guy that know cxbx sources and xbox architecture?
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