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Kukulcan we offer "Citrouillus Cretinius"The opportunity to offset the competition, organized regularly by"Compo Weak Number Fouuuuuur. The winner of the competition is chosen by a vote open to the public.

Longer Description:
Our beloved witch must prepare sweets for rogues.
She begins the hunt to collect items needed for her recipe.

1) The juice of freshly exploded evil pumpkins will be collected.
2) The radioactive liquid falling from the ceiling of the cellar of his house will be recovered.
3) The song enchanted toads issuing the final charm will be repeated correctly.

And do not forget to start again for an even bigger dose of infamous bombec.
This is your mission in "26 Citrouillus Cretinius.

Equip yourself with a bad stylus (one that pulls in the corners) and a healthy dose of Rage (note the Citrouillus Protection Society) and you will have no problem keeping the goals no matter what!

Fable reported by: Sorcerer Kukulcan, supported the Mage Tiwaz and Illusionist Lobo, all in record time (Homebrew began October 22, 2009 evening and finished on 02 November 2009), if that's not Machiavellian Grin AHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!!

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