News from Lik Sang

A port of 2001's PS2 musical cult hit, Gitaroo Man Live is unique amongst rhythm games and comes from the same people who brought up the NDS's most popular beat based title, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. Each level is an action packed battle against an opponent, with a Charge phase at the start to build up your health, and a Harmony phase to wind down at the end. The meat of the system though is in the two middle phases, Attack and Guard. During the first, a line scrolls towards the middle of the screen and you're required to not only hit circle in time with the tunes to hear Gitaroo Man's guitar, but also copy the direction of the line with your analogue nub. After that the Guard phase puts on a different spin, having all four face buttons fly in from the four sides of the screen, and has you hitting them as they reach the center.

New to the PSP remake are both extra songs and entirely new modes! In addition to single player there's now duet mode for wireless co-op play, a competitive 2-player battle mode, plus a Jukebox system. The PSP's flat analogue nub also apparently makes the game control better than it did on a DualShock, and by slotting in your headphones you can crank up the sound and rock on with Gitaroo Man where ever you are! Due in before end of this week, with English menus and song titles the game is very import friendly, and as every game for the PSP is region free, you can slide it into your console no matter where you picked it up.