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Thread: SNK Arcade Classics 0 Retrofitted For PSP And PS2

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    General games SNK Arcade Classics 0 Retrofitted For PSP And PS2

    SNK is big on compilation discs, but most of those contain Neo Geo classics. SNK Arcade Classics 0 appears to focus on the company’s earlier days. Maybe. Probably.

    SNK Arcade Classics 0 hasn’t been officially announced, but the ESRB rated it and the twenty games it contains. Let’s take a look at their description.

    This is a collection of 20 classic arcade games comprising several distinct genres: action, fighting, sports (baseball, football, Olympics), shooting, platforming. Some games involve side-scrolling fighting action against hordes of enemy thugs, soldiers, and creatures; players can use knives, guns, flamethrowers, tanks, and grenades when engaging in the 2D-style combat. The game receives a Mature rating for one game’s depiction of blood and gore: In SAR (Search and Rescue), blood covers the entire floor of some rooms. Although the perspective is top-down and the graphics are somewhat minimal (2D), there are frequent depictions of mangled human corpses strewn—or lying face-down—in pools of blood.

    Wow, Search and Rescue alone caused this compilation to get a M rating? I believe Search and Rescue was released before the Neo Geo too. SAR and the “0” in the title appear to be hints that SNK Arcade Classics 0 will have their 80s stuff instead of Neo Geo games.

    Following this logic, the Olympic game could be Gold Medalist. The football one? Touch Down Fever. Guns? Perhaps, Ikari Warriors and P.O.W. Given the success of The King of Fighters, SNK has to throw Athena in a pre-Neo Geo collection too.

    Any other guesses or wishes?

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    This better have the Athena games.

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