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Thread: UK: Supermarket Tesco Undercut Specialist Video Game Retailers

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    xbox 360 UK: Supermarket Tesco Undercut Specialist Video Game Retailers

    Tesco sure know how to stir up the games industry, heres a snippet from an article from mcvuk:

    discounted titles, pre-orders of upcoming games for discounted rates and listings of backwardly compatible Xbox software – all at a reduced price.

    “The supermarkets are simply going to go this way on all formats,” commented Third Place owner Matt Allen, who owns one shop directly opposite a neighbouring Tesco store site.

    “It has affected our 360 sales – people have a look around in our shop, and then we can see them cross the road over to Tesco’s. The only advantage we have is that we part-exchange. But with them doing everything for £5 less it is hard to expect shoppers to buy from us.”

    Via MCVuk

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    I would normally say goodnews, lower game prices and all, but if it means specialist game shops may/will go under then this could be very bad news indeed.

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