WaterField Designs DSi Travel Case
Manufacturer: WaterField Designs
Site: Buy from Waterfield Designs
Price: $37.00

Overview : As recommended by Mario and Zelda to revolutionize your DSi. From Yoshi's Island to Castlevania, our compact and protective Nintendo DSi Cases hold it all.

The DSi Travel Case is designed to keep the Nintendo DSi and its accessories (including power supply) all together and tangle-free in one place. Custom-sized, padded, interior compartments and self-locking zippers keep your gear safe and secure.

  • 7" x 3.5" x 2"
  • DSi Travel Case Colors (Silver, Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Black)

Quality/Usability : Going on vacations or just commuting from work/school, its hard to keep track of all your items. For cellphones, you have headsets, cases, chargers and extra batteries, if any. With game stuff, there is more to it. You have videogames, chargers, accessories and more. Its hard to keep track of everything. WaterField Designs is here to help remedy that situation with the DSi Travel Case. The DSi Travel Case is made water resistant material that is also washable (exterior material is water resistant...interior is washable). Case has no outer pockets but does have a locking zipper on the top to prevent any items from falling out or falling in. A locking zipper is a zipper that will not move when the tab is folded down. So if the tab is layed flat with the zipper, the zipper will not open unless you pull with some force. The bottom of the travel case has a rubber padding kind of like a basketball texture to prevent any damage or sliding which also runs up along the side of the case. The outside, which comes in many colors has a shiny metallic look to it.

Inside the DSi Travel Case are 3 compartments. One of the compartments is split into two small pouches which can be used to store your DS games. The center compartment can be used to hold bigger objects such as a charger. The other compartment holds the DSi and is pretty snug. The DSi wont budge. However, it can be a little hassle to get out so you can swap locations. Use the center compartment for the DSi and the other compartment for your charger. Dont worry though, the inside is lined with non-abrasive material so you wont have to worry about the material scratching your DSi or other items. There is also a loop at the end of the pouch. This allows you to put your finger through to give you a better grip in holding the case when removing your DSi rather than squeezing the case.

Conclusion : Overall, the WaterField Designs DSi Travel Case stores all your accessories and system all in one location. The DSi Travel Case is made of durable material with a locking zipper that prevents the zipper from opening and rubber material at the bottom that prevents any slipping. Like all WaterField Design products, you're getting a product that is made in the USA and is durable. With a quality product, there is a price to pay. The cost of the DSi Travel Case is just shy of $40. It is a bit pricey for a case. What I do like about these cases though is that even if you get rid of your electronic device, you can still use the case for something else whether it be just to store or to protect a device. So this case does have a multi-purpose to it.

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