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Thread: Dreamcast AICA sound support added to linux-sh cvs

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    Dreamcast Dreamcast AICA sound support added to linux-sh cvs

    Post at

    The linux-sh cvs mailing list still appears to be down, so this is to
    notify you all that I have added the Dreamcast sound support to the
    linux-sh cvs.

    Unfortunately I cannot post the patch directly to lkml as it contains
    some text the majordomo automatically rejects. but those who want to see
    the code can look here:

    I appreciate this really needs to get added to mainline via ALSA but I
    wanted to store it all somewhere safer than my home network and I have
    developer access to linux-sh, so that was the obvious place.

    However, please note that it requires a patch to the linux-sh dma to
    work. Paul has said he will add the patch but if he has it isn't yet
    visible in the anon cvs. So the cvs code may not work at the moment.

    So what does this mean? well Masta-G said:
    Thanks to him I can play mp3 files with mpg123 from bash now

    Thanks to Masta-G for the news

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    Hell yeah!

    He's currently adjusting the driver model to fit the linux kernel to be easily maintained.
    There are currently some issues with the dma controller in cvs keeping the powervr framebuffer from working.
    But0 Lethal will sort that out soon when he has the time.

    I have a patch against current buildroot cvs that will compile xorg 6.8.0 for sh4 (and several other archs).
    I tried it on an older linuxsh cvs tag (which had the powervr framebuffer still working without the dmac) and it worked.
    So if anyone is interested in xorg for linux on the dreamcast with sme gui let me know.
    It wont take long before the powervr will work again.

    And I believe gdrom or vmu support will be worked on when he finishes the new aica driver model.

    So linux on the dreamcast is coming back again in the new 2.6 kernel thanks to Adrian.

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