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Thread: SGX4ALL - DC SUPER GRAFX Emulator

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    Dreamcast SGX4ALL - DC SUPER GRAFX Emulator

    If I could play awesome console versions of

    Ghouls N Ghosts & 1941: Counter Attack

    That would be Amazing!

    Any chance this would ever happen?

    I would totally donate for a project like that!!! :thumbup:

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    I think a coders time would be better spent on improving regular PC Engine emulation, like on the PCEcast emulator.

    Besides the time required to put into coding something like the PCE, let alone the SuperGrafx, Chui hasn't posted here, or even at, in a while...

    Heck if you'd be willing to donate a cheap Dreamcast to Uguru at, he might be more likely to update the PCEcast emulator.

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    my dream for dreamcast was an PCE emulator (support the supercd romē), that would be great....:thumbup:

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