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Thread: Is SmashGPSP still being worked on, it's so close to perfection?

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    Default Is SmashGPSP still being worked on, it's so close to perfection?

    All mATkEUpON needs to do is change the opening picture (the poorly drawn pic of mario) and make all the game menus include the character selection menu full screen. A couple of the levels could use some cleaning up (like all the reflecitons in the Pokemon Stadium level for one). And possibly remove that annoying X on the multiplayer option. If you select that option, it could just redirect you to neat page that says Multiplayer Infrastructure support isn't yet implemented.

    If a couple of the other bug free characters (like cool spot for example) could be incorporated into the game so that there are 6 or so characters with sounds that control well prepackaged with the game.

    Then the game would pretty much be perfect. Too bad I don't know how to code.

    mATkEUpON worked so hard to implement things like full screen and make such a kickass game, I don't understand why he stopped just a couple of minor changes short of perfection.

    Can anyone contact him?


    Unrelated: Would it be possible to use the spirtes used in Smash and Luaplayer to make a RTS like Starcraft or C&C. It doesn't have to be an exact copy of starcraft as to avoid copyright violation, but could be very similar.

    That would rock if possible. Seeing a solid RTS and a Civilization game on PSP is the final two things on my psp wishlist.

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    mATkEUpON is working on a new version for the GP2X (i think) and will then begin making a new version for PSP (i think)
    Anyway, until then go here, i don't think it is updated much anymore, but it has loads of characters

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    only 2 firmewares read this smashbros GP is a gr8 homebrew yes
    but hardley worth lososing my 20 some umds
    commercial games for when i OWN VIEWTIFUL JOE RED HOTT RUBBLE A SMASHBROS TYPE GAME FOR PSP ON UMD! besides...
    there are 6 versions of psp that smashbros GP WILL NEVER PLAY ON SO LONG AS IT REQUIRES KERNALL if you have 1.5 and 1.0 and just dont care for a OVERALL GAME EXPERIENCE and only want to enjoy the BEGGINING of all the psp has to offer thats cool with sticking with the best of both worlds.....2.6 untill the mod chip has been out and tested for 6 months

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    i think fanjita is working on a SmashGpSP patch for the new version of the eLoader, but no news on that topic

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