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UK DSi owners will be able to download EA's camera-compatible DSiWare game, Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes from this Friday, when Nintendo puts out it's weekly update of Nintendo downloads in Europe.

"Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes, a new Nintendo DSiWare title that gives players the ability to put themselves into the game and sends them on a wild, adventurous quest to reclaim their own stolen identity. Leveraging the unique features of the Nintendo DSi system, players use the camera and microphone to capture their face and voice to become an in-game character," says EA.

"After capturing their picture and recording their voice, players can choose to switch between the eight hero costumes throughout the game, from a muscle-bound barbarian to a slick spy or a sneaky ninja. The adventure unfolds as players discover that their identity has been stolen by the arch villain, The Professor.

"They will need to track him down across 15 action-packed levels, each loaded with memorable characters-- both friend and foe. Players will face many challenges along the way as they try to clear their name including battling baddies across the Haunted Hills, collecting stars throughout the Frantic Frontier and solving platforming puzzles in the Mystic East."
If you live in US, you can go ahead and download it now. The full list of US Nintendo downloads is here, chaps.