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Thread: Crashing Problems with UMD Game

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    Exclamation Crashing Problems with UMD Game

    I'm not sure where I go for this type of problem, but I'll just get onto what's happening

    I popped in an old UMD game I had lying around because I was bored of the rest of my games (this game is Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles). I played Symphony of the Night for a good long time until I get to a boss in the reverse castle. I forgot his name, but he's the really big golden guy that wields a mace and shoots lightning. At times, I would be fighting this guy for a good long 15 minutes and my PSP would crash in the middle of the battle. On rare occasions, it will crash at the very beginning of the fight

    If you need to know, I DO NOT have a CFW. I'm using the official 6.10 firmware

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    Check for fingerprints/scratches?

    If anything, just use the Alucard Shield and kill ol' Galamoth in about ten seconds.

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