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"Hack" to use the patch Fatmsmod 371 PSP model 1000 with custom firmware 5:50 GEN-D2. In this version have not changed the main components of the patch, but through a workaround noSpoonX the coder has also allowed us to install the CF newer. Recall that this mod greatly enhances the performance of the Memory Stick in reading (ie during the start of backup copies of games or homebrews) and fixes some problems with large memory and / or fake.
The process has been fully tested only on PSP Fat, to follow you'll find some pre-installed and the link to download.



Before installing make sure you have:
- A PSP 1000
- ... with Custom Firmware installed 5:50 GEN-D2
- The battery charged at least 78%
- GENDMS folder inside PSP / GAME

Caution: This program writes on the flash0 of the console. PSP-ITA is not responsible for any damages arising from its improper use.

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