The latest patent from Apple reveals ways in which their products could be fitted with a simple label or tag that provides evidence of tampering. If the strip is compromised, it gives Apple leverage to void your warranty.
Apple's patent application notes that it is in the best interest of an electronics manufacturer to be able to know when a device has been "compromised" and opened, thus voiding its warranty. Unauthorized tampering with an electronic device can destroy it, and without evidence of such tampering, a manufacturer may be obligated to support its warranty. Apple's technology, the company said, could save manufacturers "substantial costs.
In another patent, Apple is looking to broaden the role of the accelerometer in it's portable devices, noting that motion could be used to navigate and control the device itself. For example, users could shake the device to play a song or flick it to scroll through menus. That idea has been tossed around before as I recall, so it's not really all that surprising. Perhaps its just a ploy to get us to buy more iPods as more movement will likely result in more drops, tosses and smashes. [Appleinsider]

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