The Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Blu-ray Liveblog starts now.
11:50: Ten minutes left until the star (Daniel Radcliffe) and the director (David Yates) pop up and start talking about the movie while watching the movie.
11:51: If you're using the PlayStation 3, you should make sure you've got the correct audio output to hear the audio stream. Otherwise, like myself last time, you'll hear nothing.
11:53: If you miss this, it'll be on BD-Live in a few weeks, says the British announcer.
11:53: I just figured out that they're doing this livecast at 12 noon instead of 6PM Pacific because kids in the UK need to watch this too. Otherwise, it'd be 2 in the morning.
11:55: There's a weird bug right now with two audio streams being overlayed simultaneously. One announcement and one...announcement.

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