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Thread: PSPdisp v0.4 released

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    psp PSPdisp v0.4 released

    News via

    Five months since the last release, the team JJS has released an update to the excellent PSPdisp, application that lets you use your PSP as an additional monitor to your PC with a resolution of 960X544. This update, which brings the program to version 0.4, introduces some new features and fixes some bugs in previous releases.
    Following the full changelog and the link to download.

    Changelog v0.4:


    - New USB driver based WinUSB
    - The former USB driver based on libusb continue to be supported
    - New rules for recording audio for Vista / 7
    - To increase the transfer rate via USB
    - New Uncompressed not apply any compression to the images thus involving a reduced load to the CPUs and a better quality of the images
    - The frequency of the PSP CPU is now amended to the USB mode
    - Increased the number of characters for the IP address / server name
    - The IP address is now displayed in the WLAN card in the options window
    - E 'can now, in case of malfunction, completely disable streaming audio
    - New option to hide the mouse pointer in the event of inactivity
    - Added an option during installation to create an exception in Windows Firewall for PSPdisp
    - Fixato control CPU speed for WLAN
    - Fixati WLAN problems encountered in version 0.3
    - PSPdisp is now in SideShow mode if the screen resolution is changed
    - Fixati some bugs related to GUI
    - More bug fixati

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Now this is what I call a major update for one of the best applications out there.

    Thank you Team JJS.

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    I remember a few months ago my laptop screen gave up so i had to wire this up in my car a few times so team jjs are my hero's.

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