While overall video game sales in 2009 are down, that's the big picture. Break it down into individual markets and you'll see that "core" game purchases are anything but down.
Having taken a look at detailed market data, Broadpoint AmTech analyst Ben Schachter says that "core" game sales in the US (which according to their numbers are all PS3 and 360 sales excluding music titles) are up 17% over the past six months.
Keep it up, kids!
Blame for the overall decline in the market, then, is placed squarely at the feet of the new/casual crowd, with music game sales down 52% and Nintendo sales down 11%.
These arbitrary divisions seem a little off to us - I play both Rock Band and Borderlands - but hey, when you take millions upon millions of consumers into account (especially those whose collection only includes Rock Band, Mario Kart and Wii Sports), it probably averages out.
Core Game Sales Up 17% in Last 6 Months, says Analyst [Industry Gamers]

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