England's The Daily Telegraph reports the UK spent more on video games during a one year period than movies, which apparently includes both theater ticket purchases and movies on disc. According to information from GFK Chart-Track, 1.73 billion was spent on games, while the UK Film Council notes 1.2 billion went to movie entertainment. The figures cover the twelve months ending September 2009.

What's confusing is that a couple years ago, in a report about the Britain's game sales surpassing music at retail, the UK's Entertainment Retailers' Association claimed movies had been stuck at 2.1 billion in sales for the past few years. When compared to the UK Film Council's reported figures, this would imply there was a significant 1 billion drop. At this point, we're not exactly sure how the movie numbers were calculated or if the Telegraph's data doesn't count some film industry subset, like the porn industry -- which would likely explain how a billion pounds just goes missing.