I'm posting on behalf of my youngest boy who is distraught after his save file for Pokemon Green Leaf (GBA) had been deleted on his Nintendo DS Lite. The game was a Christmas present and he has spent the last 6 days playing it, so got quite a long way through the game.

He dropped the Nintento DS Lite this morning whilst playing the game. When he picked up the Nintendo the game had frozen, and it said "Save File Deleted"

I have noticed this problem (same game) has appeared on quite a few other sites.

Is there:-

1. Any way of restoring this save file

2. Is there any way of transferring someone elses save to the Nintendo DS Lite?

3. I have a PC & run PS EMU & other Playstation Emulators on my PC. Is there a Gameboy Advance emulator for the PC, & if so, is there anwhere I can download a saved game that I could run on the PC?

Excuse my ignorance, I have been brought up on PC's & Playstations & know nothing about Nintendos, especially the DS Lite.