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Over a year since the last release, the coder Raphael updates its plugin JoySens, prx that lets you change the sensitivity of the analog stick of the Sony console. Thank JoySens can also remap the controls of the D-Pad between elements of himself. This new update introduces some new features and fixes some bugs of previous versions.

Changelog v1.5:


- Revision of the Code
- Now you can choose only among a short list of "remapmodes" (for example to change between the preferred modes) to GAME / VSH
- Fixato a bug that, if it was set adjust = 0, not allowed to use the analog
- Added LITE version, which does not support saving the configuration nor the information in-game
- Added the configuration parameter "Threshold" to adjust the key mapping from analogue
- Added the configuration parameters "thresholdupbtn" and "thresholddownbtn" tied to the buttons in-game
- Added the configuration parameters "idlestop" and "idleback" to set when the movement of analog cut off the inactivity on the console (display brightness, and the PSP)
- Optimized configuration file
- Improved FAQ

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