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Thread: BootDreams v1.0 Released !

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    You don't like the new layout? Is it just the icon? I thought the layout was a MAJOR improvment. Not only that, but it also used the icons SBInducer uses.

    @SamuraiX - What didn't work exactly?

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    I will get back to you later on today with more details. But I think its not either scrambling 1st_read correctly or IP.BIN is not being generated correctly. I will find out which of the two it is. Doesn't matter if I create the diskjuggler image or burn directly to disc.

    But v0.61 still works great. Lastly, I do like the new layout!

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I checked everything out and couldn't find any problems to either of the mentioned problem's code.

    I'm unsure if periods in the CD label will render the CD image broken so make sure the CD label is alphanumeric with spaces. If anyone has any information on what's allowed in the CD label I can adjust the code to strip any illegal characters.

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    Will buy me a set of CDRs tomorrow and do some tests.

    Also, the layout is okay - I just miss the boots =P The buttons could use some animation when pressed too. Other than that I am sure I'll get used to it - I am very conservative and tend to not like new stuff at times >_<

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    The buttons could definately use some work. The next version I'll try to make them better.

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    I burned a few cds today. It worked well,. Thanks for your hard work. The icons did confuse me for a breif second.

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