Joining Nintendo of America today in their back-slapping and high-fiving are Nintendo of Europe, who have released a number of impressive tallies for sales of both hardware and software.
Hardware first! The Wii has now sold 20 million units in Europe, with 9.6 million of those owning one of the two versions of Wii Fit. That's a little under 7 million a year, impressive by anyone's standards.
The DS, meanwhile, has passed 40 million sold in Europe. What's more, both consoles reached those milestones faster than any other machine could manage. For the record, Sony had sold 44 million PS2s in Europe by 2007, so the Wii should overtake it in a year or two.
On the software side of things, Wii Sports Resort has sold 5 million copies since launching last year, while New Super Mario Bros. Wii has moved 2.5 million copies in Europe in just a single month on sale.

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