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Thread: BeginnerGuide: How I made my first DC elf in WinXP

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    Default BeginnerGuide: How I made my first DC elf in WinXP

    I've spent over a day trying to find out what I needed to compile for the DreamCast, and there was so much information that made lots of assumptions about cygwin, gnu and who knows what. I am a Windows guy, and I knew NOTHING about this, so therefore I got nowhere. Then I found rawoul's complete devkit, and it was *almost* all you need, but people were having problems. I solved my issues, and have successfully compiled an elf. Here is a step by step report, starting from having a Windows XP machine with an internet browser and an internet connection (it should work with other versions of windows also)

    1. go to www.cygwin.cpp, run their setup program ( Use all default settings, but you must also install package: devel -> 'Make: The GNU version of the 'make' utility', version 3.80-1
    2. Check your 'c:\windows\system32'. If you have a file called cygwin1.dll, then it might very well be out of date (I had this, don't know what installed this). Rename this to cygwin1old.dll, to get it out of the way
    2. Download the 57mb development package from, and move it to c:\cygwin\home\USER (where USER depends on what the name of your currently logged on user name is)
    3. Open start menu->program files->cygwin bash shell
    3. In cygwin shell, type: 'cd /home/USER' (where USER depends on what the name of your currently logged on user name is)
    4. In cygwin shell, type 'tar -xvjf dcdev.tar.bz2'
    5. The \cygwin\home\USER\dcdev\ file has a bug, as it assumed that the user was named rawoul. In a text editor (not notepad, it cannot read it properly, I used visual studio), edit this file, line 55, to contain: export PATH="${PATH}:${KOS_CC_BASE}/bin:${DC_ROOT}/dc/bin"
    6. in cygwin shell, type 'cd dcdev'
    7. in cygwin shell, type 'source'
    8. in cygwin shell, type 'cd sticks'
    9. in cygwin shell, type 'make'
    10. after a while it should finish, and if you scroll up there should *be 1 warning in total (unused variable IrisController&p).
    9. in cygwin shell, type 'dir'. There should now be a file called sticksb0.elf

    Warning: I have not tested the elf - that is my next step. But so far so good.

    If you see any bugs in this please report them here. If not, I want to spread this guide around, because it is a pain to set this up

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