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Thread: Iwata: Wii will not stop Lite production

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    NDS Iwata: Wii will not stop Lite production

    Nintendo prsident reassures that ramping Wii production won't effect availabilty of DS Lite

    Just in case you're sitting there, on your little stool, under your umbrella, rotating your digits in idle speculation this Monday morning, wondering whether Nintendo's impending Wii stampede will likely effect production of its DS Lite, then we have the answer for you RIGHT HERE. Sorry, here: No.

    According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, speaking at last week's shareholder meeting, Wii and DS Lite are being manufactured on completely different production lines (no, really?), meaning both consoles should be plentiful come Christmas time.

    Not only that, Nintendo is planning to fire Lites out of its secret duct at a high rate during the holidays, presumably ensuring it can capitalise on the number of old people desperately holding back the inevitable onslaught of dementia and upsetting knitwear by doing maths with a little white stick.

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    Hey don't knock it. Dementia led me to Mario Kart!

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