News/release from clizana

This is a whole new version, not an update from the previous hb.

Goear PSP is an application designed for the search, download, play music from the site

Version 2.0 Features

- Support multi languages improved. Now there's no limit, just copied to a folder and are ready to use
- Support for skins. If you want you can customize your homebrew with your own skin, completely flexible when creating it.
- Preview of the songs. Before downloading sometimes we hear a little bit, now that's possible.
- Download list. Download songs one at a time was boring, now we add to a list and subsequently downloaded (also supports download unit)
- Updater. This feature is important because if you change some parameter goear enough to schedule a small update and users to download from the homebrew.
- Added a main menu, options and more.
- Added a local music player, to test the songs we've downloaded.
- Setting near-total, as each time the homebrew starts, display a copyright message or advise if there is new updates.

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