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Thread: PSP Revolution v0.2

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    psp PSP Revolution v0.2

    DeNitro & Devin923 are back with a new release of PSP Revolution, heres all the info from this great release:

    Thanks for trying out PSP Revolution 0.2

    PSP Revolution is based off the popular game Stepmania and is compatible
    with Stepmania (.SM) and Dance With Intensity (.DWI) song files.

    To install additional songs, copy them into pack folders in
    "\psp\game\pspr\songs" just as you would in Stepmania

    To Install, copy contents of 1.0 or 1.5 folder (depending on your firmware version)
    in to your "\psp\game" folder.

    If you are using firmware 1.0 eboot, you must also copy the folders out of the
    1.5 folder, make sure NOT to overwrite the 1.0 EBOOT.PBP

    "Plaguemix Series" songs are by Plaguefox ( and were downloaded
    directly off the songs section on

    "Dancing WipEout" songs are by W1p3out and
    downloaded from (

    For the best music experience we recommend playing with head/earphones.

    This version has a different folder tree than the last, so it's reccomended to backup your old song folder from your memory stick, removing 0.1, and installing 0.2 fresh.

    The songs included in this version are different than the songs that were included in this version, so remember to copy them into version 0.2 before you delete them if you want to keep the original songs!


    For most game screens:
    X - Select/Accept
    /\ - Go Back / Cancel

    Song Select Sreen:
    [] - Song Options
    LEFT / RIGHT - Change Song Difficulty (some songs may only have 1)

    Main Game:
    UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGT are used in conjunction with /\ / X / [] / O to hit arrows

    Version History:
    7/04/06 - 0.2

    -Added theme support for loading custom graphics
    -Added an options menu to the song select screen accessible by pressing SQUARE)
    -Arrow Speed Modifiers available in the song options menu (see above)
    -Preliminary support for song Freezes (Like in Sandstorm)
    -OGG Music files are now supported
    -JPG Background files are now supported
    -Beginner "feet" color added
    -Music preview plays for selected song at song select screen
    -Marathon songs are now supported
    -Letter grades are now awarded at the song score screen

    -Song difficulty selection is now sorted easiest(left) to hardest(right)
    -Holds are now active a little longer after button release
    -Song select screen now scrolls the list with more than 18 entries
    -Missed steps now are now counted as soon as they go out of "boo" range
    -Combo numbers are now outlined for more definition
    -Top arrows are lit up to match the song's beat
    -Game now runs at the default CPU speed (222mhz) (reduces battery usage)
    -Graphics mode now 32-bit
    -Combo counter during gameplay now displays up to 4 digits
    -Putting the PSP into suspend mode during a song will return game to main menu when resumed
    -MP3's (along with OGG's) are now streamed from the Memory Stick during play
    -Speed improvement when flipping through song lists
    -Much improved error handling throughout the game
    -Support for a wider variety of song banners (will rotate/resize them into place)

    -Increased Song Compatibility
    -Changed how some song's are synced
    -Arrow's should no longer "drift" slightly out of sync during the duration of a song
    -Fixed reading of interlaced PNG files which would previously crash song select screen
    -Fixed rare cases of broken hold notes
    -Fixed rare case of songs missing the first couple of steps
    -Fixed bug where holds very close to a step on same column being hit with the step hit
    -Fixed missing difficulty text during game and score screen
    -Pressing several buttons at once no longer crashes song select screen
    -No longer need to change the folder name for v2.0+ Eboot Loaders
    -Fixed a small memory leak which could cause crashes after numerous songs are played.
    -Fixed a bug where arrows would stop coming up during gameplay
    -Other minor bug fixes

    Download and Give Feedback on this Great Release Via Comments
    via denitro

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    Nice work DeNitro & Devin923! It's a shame i can't play this excellent piece of homebrew since i bricked my PSP.

    (YAY! 300 posts! Woot! )

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    Awesome Nice to see that you're still working on this great game!

    One thing that would be cool for a next release would be a 2 players mode with only one psp
    But take your time guys, I'm already very thankful for having the ability to play 'butterfly' everywhere!

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    Omg omg, time to get rid of all of my stuff. Ayumi Hamasaki time!

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    If first and second player can play at the same time on the same PSP via player one gets the D-PAD and player two uses Triangle Cross Square and Circle that would be amazing.

    Awesome work though.

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    this game is too dificult

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    nice i love ddr

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    dude... OMG its been i think like since the first releases of homebrew this thing has been updated..... if they continue to update this could be the only thing people would doenload

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    This game is adicting soon as Itryed it i could not stop playing it. Whell this is a big improvement scince the first versoin. Keep it up Denitro And Devin923.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo356
    this game is too dificult
    HAHA! "too difficult" Its not easy, but at some point you can master it (I got a AAA on 'Sexy Planet' heavy mode yesterday) and on DDR pads too, and can get a AA on almost any song)including all my favorite songs: 'B4U', 'B4U' speed mix, 'The Cube', 'Sexy Planet', 'Burning heat', 'Candy', '.59', 'Boom Boom Dollar' (speed mix), 'Captian Jack', 'Sandstorm', 'Kick The Can' (lummnies theme ), 'I like to move it',
    and 'My generation'. All the good ones

    its nice to hear that this has been worked on though, I use stepmania for PC and have almost every DDR song ever made, and would like to play them on my psp every once in a while. But the other version of PSP Revolution woul never sync the arrows with the beat, and for some reason this was never cought.

    I think that this game is awesome! so I think I'm going to download it

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