SEGA has confirmed details of two software titles which will ship alongside Sony's PlayStation 3 this November, cementing the publisher's commitment to supporting the next-gen platform.

In a recent interview with US website, SEGA of America's VP of Marketing, Scott Steinberg discussed the publisher's strategy for all three platform holders, revealing the first glimpse of third-party software support for the launch of Sony's PS3.

"We've got Sonic the Hedgehog in its original naming convention… It'll be a launch title for the PS3. We have Full Auto 2: Battlelines, that's shipping with the launch of the PS3. Then Virtua Fighter 5 will be in March," Steinberg said.

As momentum builds for the arrival of Sony's new machine, software support from third party publishers is key to generating consumer enthusiasm and demand for the machine.

The much publicised price-tag, which is considerably higher than its rivals, may be off-putting to consumers outside of the hardcore gaming audience without the draw of a stellar software line-up from day one.

Few publishers have confirmed release dates for their PS3 titles, although some, such as Activision's Call of Duty 3 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, have been issued with a tentative November release slot on retail product pages.

Although SEGA is fully committed to supporting all three next and new-generation platforms, the publisher's confirmation of launch day releases for the PS3 is welcome news and marks the first of what will hopefully be a slew of third-party publisher announcements in the lead up to Sony's November launch...