Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime shrugs off talk of a new version of or successor to the company's incredibly popular Wii, saying that the console still has a "very long life in front of it."
According to a report from BusinessWeek, Fils-Aime implied that Nintendo was not planning on revising Wii hardware as analysts have notably speculated—or at least that such an announcement would be made at the Game Developers Conference in March.
But BusinessWeek points out that Reggie wouldn't issue the same type of denial of a Wii HD possibility at E3 2010. Nintendo will likely make a bigger deal about the upcoming Legend of Zelda game it has planned for the Wii and showcase software for the Wii Vitality Sensor, announced at last year's E3.
The current version of the Wii having a "very long life" is certainly not a denial that a high-definition Wii is coming. But it is not even close to resembling a confirmation that such speculation is accurate. Such is the magic of Reggie's wordsmithing.
Nintendo: No Wii Successor Anytime Soon [BusinessWeek]

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