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New version for Wind Pro DSi passes in 2.4.3, multi-application PC emulators including 3 for the Nintendo DS (No $ gba / DeSmuME / ideas) and 1 for Game Boy Advance (VBA-M) and tools (emulator customizable / Zoom / etc ...). On the menu, the latest version of iDeaS, DeSmuME and less bugs.

Reminder: Uninstall the old installation before installing the new version.
And all things you need to play:

- Better setup program
- Rewrited manifest files to use Windows Vista / 7 high dpi (NO $ GBA and his tools now works fine in 120 & 144 dpi high modes)
- New PMP NO $ 0.40 (Now supporting LovePlus, Tales of Hearts, 7th Dragon, Avalon Code, DQ4, DQ5, DQ9, FF4, Soma Bringer, Wizardry Asterisk & Eliminage DS)
- New iDeaS Final (Actarus)
- New Simplified Chinese translation for iDeaS
- New DeSmuME SVN 3281

You can right-click in "No $ gba - ideas - desmume - vba" to open the saved games folder instead! Quick & Easy!

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