The Dead Space Facebook page wants to know what sort of swag you'd like to see in a theoretical collector's edition of Dead Space 2.
EA needs your help! Dead Space 2 is in the works, and they're trying to figure out what they could put in a special box that would make you pay more money for it. While the Facebook post makes it clear that a collector's edition of Dead Space 2 is still merely a possibility, they are still hungry for your suggestions.
Once again we need your help! IF we were to put out a Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition, what would you want to see in it? I will have our Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis comment on some of your suggestions next make them good!
Reading through the comments on the Facebook entry, I see many art books and replica helmets. Come on people, you can do better than that. I'm going to suggest a tiny, reinforced box that contains the vacuum of space.
Go comment there, and then comment here as well!
Dead Space Needs Your Help [Facebook via Blue's News]

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