Of all the games we saw at E3 this year, Star Fox Command on DS was undoubtedly the most confounding - given that it mixed the franchise's pure arcade shooting action with a slightly tenuous dollop of turn-based strategy.

Now, Famitsu has uncovered new info about the game, set to hit Japan on August 4. Firstly, it apparently features more than 30 stages set across a whole host of locales - inlcuding space (dur), oceans, deserts and flaming caves. What's more, a number of pilots from previous Star Fox games are set to make a return.

There's also support for Nintendo DS rumble pack, for all your in-flight juddering and - best of all - the game's set to feature four-player multiplayer battles, either DS to DS or via the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection Service.

After the flaccid Star Fox Adventures and execrable Star Fox Assault on GameCube, we've got our fingers crossed that Star Fox Command will be a return to form for everyone's favourite feral fighter pilot.