psiko_scweek has released 2 Cover Mods of the emulators Snes9X and FCE Ultra, the Snes and Nes Emulators for the Wii.

Firstly heres the changes to the Snes Emulator for Wii:

Changes -
* Based on SNES9x GX 4.1.5 by Tantric
* Added option to enable to disable Cover View from settings
* Changed folder from Images to Covers
* Added option to change the location of the cover images
* Fixed a small delay problem when exiting rom in List mode
* Updated with latest optimizations from the SVN
* Reworked the Auto-Update function to check for updates to CoverView mod.
* Fixed the image skewing, covers now skew properly like they should.
* Small tweaks to code.

Now heres the Nes Changes:

* Based on FCE Ultra GX 3.1.3 by Tantric
* Added Cover View to Menu Settings
* Added Cover Folder to File Settings
* Cover View now will display .NES and .FDS files

Both Versions can be downloaded from the release thread here at DCEmu -->